How can we help your business

Providing you affordable and good looking virtual product designs, logo designs, ecovers and web videos.

Who are we and what is low cost design?

Virtuallydesigned.com is a startup that joins the talents of many designers around the world. Just like the products we design, our is a virtual company. This means you don’t pay for commuting, office rentals, or fancy office furnitures.

Instead, you are charged only for the quality of the products you purchase. And having a large library of high quality, royalty free, fully licensed assets we can deliver you a quality product for a really competitive price. This is the Low Cost Design option.

Do you need higher quality product designs?

Custom 3D modeling, rendering and animation can be arranged on a case by case basis. Again, all the assets and software are fully licensed and you own every right for the final product. Pricing is clearly higher, as top notch 3D animation software is pricey, and the expertise needed to use it is even more costly.