Logo Design Contests and Critiques

Logo Design Contests and Critiques

Logo design contests are organized to come up with the best visual representation for a business or company. A logo visually represents the beliefs, the ideologies and principles to which a company or business stands for. By organizing a logo contest, you are aiming at enhancing the first impression your business has to partners and potential customers and clients.

A well selected logo from the many in a logo contest can help a business to build a good loyalty between customers and the business, provide the much needed professional appearance for your business, and establish a lasting brand identity. The only way a small business or a cost-conscious company can access a variety of professional logos is through logo contest.

The basics of a logo designer contest

  • Over one hundred designs are presented in a single logo design contest. With the increase on the amount of logo design contest, you will access more logos;
  • On average, two hundred and ninety dollars are paid for a logo design contest which includes the organizers commission and handling fee and the payout for the designer;
  • Running a design contest will attract some fees, these fees depends on the category of the contest, for instance: the contest package, the contest duration, and the upgrade required or the upgrade selected. The money you present will be divided into fee amount and prize money before setting up a logo contest;
  • The designer winner has twenty four hours to send the source files to you;
  • It is possible to request for an amendment for a logo design. The contest is closed when you are satisfied with the source files.

Advantages of a logo design contest

  • You are able to access a large pool or community of professional logo designers who are willing and ready to work for your logo;
  • You can be able to select and choose the best logo from a variety of available alternatives;
  • Once the contest is successful and complete, you can claim a full legal entitlement or ownership of the logo;
  • A logo design contest has a fast turn around with more preference on your time. In most cases, it takes a few hours to start getting entries for the selection process;
  • A logo design contest opens more possibilities for custom made and original logos;
  • There is a money back guarantee if the logos presented do not meet your requirements.

The disadvantages of a logo design contest

The business client or customer relationship is impaired or put at stake. This is due to the fact that a business logo is meant to create the first and lasting impressions for a business. The relationship is expected to continue for many more years to come.

The logo designer do not hold true to heart on the values, vision, mission and principles of your business. Designers present a logo designed and created in a period of thirty minutes with no values but aesthetics. Designers gotten out of the logo contest do not analyze the business plan, the background of the company, the brand of the company and the customer service strategies in place.

Logos from logo design contests fall short of research, brainstorming and concentration when designing a logo.

It is possible to get a good logo out of a design contest. Something that dots the i’s and crosses the t’s design-wise yet will fail to communicate the business’ unique proposition and core values, and thus fail to create a relationship with prospects and customers alike.

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  1. Curtis

    Nice list of Pros and Cons! I design logos at www48HoursLogocom (highly recommend). I try to enter contests that provide a lot of feedback and information about their business or organization, to get on the “same page” as the contest holder. I believe that if I care about the contest more, I’ll be more passionate and creative in the design. I recently entered a contest for a business from my home state, spent well over an hour working out the details, and they loved it. The design won with only a few color changes, but if I had submitted my first idea it probably wouldn’t have worked out. I wanted to make the people from my home state look good, so I took some extra time. That’s what I look for, a connection. I find this works out better for the contest holder and myself.

    I’m just one person, I know there are others out there who just throw something together quickly and hope for the best, but there really are some designers who compete with their heart.

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