Virtual Packages

Virtual Packages are harder to design and render than simple eBook covers or reports. A complex package, such as a milk carton or a luxury makeup box can require hours of man work to be modeled and surfaced properly. By leveraging new technologies such as 3D scanning, at you may find that creating even a complex package shot takes a few days, not weeks!

If you choose a non-professional graphic designer, ensure that you give all the relevant details and the theme you would want for your product. Ask them to come up with at least three designs for you to choose from.

If none of them satisfies your desires, then do not shy away from asking them to re-do parts that you feel are not properly designed. This is because if a product cover does not appeal you, then most definitely it will not appeal those you want it to communicate to.

On the other hand, if you choose a professional designer, do listen to their advice. It’s called experience.

For example, one thing most people forget is to pay attention on the back cover. It should however be known that a back cover should carry detail from the front since it acts as a continuity for the chosen theme. When displaying messages on the back and front cover, restrain from saying too much, instead choose a thought and reflect it on both pages.

A good virtual product design will always communicate what you intend it to display. However for others, it might be a difficult task to come up with the theme for a design. If you are faced with such a situation then always go for simplicity. Something that is sorely missing in the unprofessional designs that can be purchased for a few bucks.

A simple theme will involve masterfully incorporated bold colors that sell out your brand. Before you settle on a virtual product design, you need to also review competing brand’s websites as well as their offline marketing material. Look at their designs and make up your mind on what’s working in your niche.

We can’t stress this more: it’s your business, your taste, your choice. Yet, the customers often expects something familiar. Going against the tide is unlikely to win you more customers.