Transform Your Business with Responsive Design

Transform Your Business with Responsive Design

If you want to transform your company and make your business more efficient and better at providing the services that you offer, then you need to consider the impact of mobile technology and distance learning. We provide services in the virtual product design industry and we ensure that our customers receive high-tech results for a fraction of the price.

We specialize in all sorts of audio and visual production and although we primarily serve the online market with websites and web video, our outreach encompasses many other areas as well. We do not do brochures or business cards, but we can plan out and even develop either a responsive, mobile friendly web site or an entire app for the popular iOS and Android platforms.

We can help you take things to the next level, transforming your business, making your employees more efficient and nurturing your brand’s image. As a result, your company’s productivity will improve, and so will ROI.

The equipment helps to improve your organization

When you invest in any kind of audio or video project, you will be able to maximize your return on investment if and only if you focus on what customers and employees really need.

Going on a spending spree is something that happens, especially when the salesman at company X is so persuasive. But what next? Suddenly, you will have computer monitors and televisions stuffed everywhere that customers will never see. And your website will languish crammed with important data that nobody will ever read because the design is not responsive and it’s too tiring to keep zooming in with gestures on a smartphone.

Customers must be able to access your site at any time that they want access to it. This can help them do their research and keep on top of projects that your company is doing, without having to contact somebody else.

They will be able to see all of this information for themselves, it is only a click away. Whoever has this, makes money. And to tell the truth, chances are that the physical equipment that you have had installed is gathering dust instead of producing revenue.

Virtual products makes your company look better

By investing in this type of non-physical goods, your company will be able to scale up and become more productive at a faster rate. No more waiting time for the photo shoot, no more money spent on rapid prototyping of something the client will really, really, dislike.

Your business will truly be improved and your employees will have an easier time carrying out the tasks that they are responsible for. A strong presence in mobile and virtual design really revolutionizes small businesses today, it can help you operate with more efficiency than you ever have before.

We all know how hard it is to make a business successful in this current financial climate. This means that we have to look at every option to put us in front of our competition and give our business the best possible chance at being successful.

Look around: companies that flourish are already doing all of this: virtual products, content marketing, web video, 3D graphic simulations. All this could well be the answer for you and your business.

Do you remember the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter franchise? Of course you do: it’s an iconic magic device, and beautifully designed. What about having your own digital version, along with a flashy motion graphics video, in every angle of your store, website and app? Showing off on the screens in the shop to announce the ongoing sale, or on the website with a real time graph of your daily duties. Would you stop to watch it? Sure you would. And so would your prospects.

What’s better, is that producing such a rich media project would cost much less than you expect and turnaround would be less than a month.

Audio and visual equipment can help customers perceive your company better

Are you struggling to improve the perception that your customers have of you?

There’s an app for that!

Kidding aside, having a company’s App and a responsive web design is the solution to make your life easier. This kind of attention to details greatly improves the perception that customers have of businesses today, because it surrounds your company with that big brand perception that will do nothing but impress them.

Don’t think that they will be thoroughly impressed when they see the corporate video that your webdesigner embedded from YouTube, because they won’t even spend a jiffy on that. They will not see that you have, say, Apple monitors and huge plasma screens; the speaker system that the cameraman carefully framed behind your spokesperson to squeeze every bit of production value… well, no one will watch that either.

On the other hand, if you have the solution to their problem, and hand it to them fast, with detailed product designs, a responsive theme that does read well on an iPhone and maybe also a well planned, entertaining, fun and instructive web video that provides real content instead of corporate fluff.

Then, your prospects will completely blow them away and enter the sales funnel with joy. If you want to transform your company, then going along today’s trends is the first and most important step in the right direction.

App development, eLearning, and 3D design are something that small businesses are not considering today because they preceive them as too expensive. But they are not. If you care about getting an edge over your competitors the amount of money that a multimedia web app will cost will be next to nothing compared to the results it brings.

The digital revolution gives you a competitive edge so that you can outperform your competitors and provide more efficient products and services than they are capable of.

Especially in the small business market, tons of opportunities are still open. How about a free iBook on iBook’s store shelves, explaining exactly what your prospects need to know to understand the value in your offers? Or, even better, a series of free books, videos, useful tools, all branded with your logo, all pointing back to your website and sales funnel?

Large companies are already doing all this, you know. Educating customers with mini-courses, webinars, apps and lots of free content. But mid-sized business are still on the verge. Be a leader, not a follower: embrace the latest digital revolution and start creating multimedia content right now.

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