Top Reasons Why Businesses Invest in Mobile Visual Solutions

Top Reasons Why Businesses Invest in Mobile Visual Solutions

Now, I’m pretty well aware that this will sound like a self-promotional post, but the industry is changing and we have to adapt. These are just some of the trends I have noticed over the last year.

People are in love with AV technology

Think about the iPhone or the iPad: are they just a phone and lightweight netbook? Not at all. They are complete audiovisual workstations, with processing power exceeding that of desktop computers from just five years ago.

There are many reasons why businesses around the world today are investing in audio visual solutions both for their web site and for mobile devices.

Embracing multimedia is something that can transform your company and make you more effective as a business. These are not things like the old fashioned bulky equipment, such as heavy-duty monitors, complex computers, and even matrix-arranged speakers and sound equipment with subwoofers as powerful as a stadium’s sound system.

A simple multimedia app runnning on iOS and Android can make your business much more efficient and do wonders when it comes to customer’s perception of your brand.

That is why so many businesses around the world are starting to consider these options — or have already spent real money to have them developed. Below, you will find additional reasons why other businesses are doing this, and why your company should too.

An app can improve the morale at your workplace!

Really, with a straight face: you will find that when you have a complete digital infrastructure installed, your employees will be happier with the job that they are doing and the morale will improve significantly.

No more voicemails, calls, or Jane checking with Bob whatever kind of widget is in stock: everything is a tap a away, updates in realtime, and it’s a perfect excuse to check if someone posted something new on their wall!

Make your business high tech

Status symbols are here to stay. They only change shape every once in a while. Some are permanent (a Rolex watch) some are transient, but even the most transient are important.

I’m old enough to remember the impression a Silicon Graphics workstation would make on clients. And even today, what you want sitting next to your desk is a Mac Pro, not a run of the mill PC bearing an uncanny resemblance to the one the client’s elder son used to play videogames on.

If you want your company to be at the cutting edge of technology, then you need to consider a strong presence in the mobile marked.

There is an investment involved, of course. To have an App developed takes time and money, even if you release it for free. But this is the real equipment (who said equipment has to be tangible?) that can take your business to the next level and make you far more high-tech and innovative. If you want to really stand out above the crowd, then you have to start considering investing in this. Not only will it impress your customers, but it will impress your employees as well. They will be happy to work for your business and they will be glad that they have such a high-quality company supporting them.

Your business can get a video conference system!

How would you like to have a video conference system? Not the old fashioned webcams with poorly compressed video. A facetime-like, always on system.

At any time, you could have multiple gatherings of employees around your business, and you could all be connected through the video conference system in their handsets. It’s an incredible thing to have and it can make businesses far more effective, since their communication will improve.

Video conferencing is not just for internal communications. A salesman can hand his own iPad to a client and have him tap on the available designs. Then, when the clients asks “does this come in black?” the salesman nods at the Dark Knight reference and connects the client to your design department letting him speak directly with the designer. In a matter of minutes the issue is sorted out: next. You can save a substantial amount of money and it will be very affordable for you to invest in this technology.

Efficiency will improve among your employees

When your employees see the money that you have invested into the right solutions, their efficiency will improve greatly. They will be more motivated to work harder and do a much better quality job for you.

It will help in deploying updated schedules, new best practices. It will replace the hours spent in training with simple eLearning courses full of puzzles an quizzes and multiple choice questions. It costs money, but in the end it will save you money. This is something that you could consider, if you want your employees to be superstars and really excel beyond what you could’ve imagined, investing both in tools and training is the best way to do that.

If you want a team of rock solid employees and you want your products and services to be better than the competition, then you need to explore all of your options. Think out of the box!

All of these are great reasons to consider this type of set up for your business. If you still aren’t sure then get in touch with a retailer that offers multimedia app development and ask any questions you have before you make up your mind. Be sure to ask for pricing as well.

Then check back with us, our services can take your company to the next level and make you perform better than you have before. At a fraction of the price a conventional competitor can afford.

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