Virtual Package Design

Virtual Package Design

Virtual package design is the process of designing the appearance, labels, and logos of digital products such as mp3s and eBooks. Virtual package design is most important for digital products that have no physical aspect such as eBooks that are not available in hardcover, softcover, or cd audio formats. Existing physical products that are adapted to digital products usually keep their original labels. But, for original digital products, original packaging must be designed.

This is why television commercial advertising is so much more effective and expensive than print advertising. Everyone will not take the time out to read an ad. Some people are functionally illiterate. Some people don’t read newspapers and magazines. For a long time, the television was the most effective medium to quickly advertise a brand nationwide. Nowadays, the internet is rapidly gaining ground on all other forms of media. This is especially true for the younger generations.

Many young people no longer read traditional newspapers or books. They get their news from online news sources and read eBooks on digital reading devices. This paradigm shift presents a massive opportunity for virtual package designers.

The quality of an eBook cover can make a massive difference in sales. Many people will literally judge an eBook by its cover, and not even read a single review before they decide whether to buy it or not. They may figure that the same level of work put into the cover was probably put into the writing of the book, so if the cover is of low quality, the writing probably is too.

An effective eBook cover should arouse the curiosity of the potential customer. This is done by telling a story. A picture is worth a thousand words. An eBook’s cover may indicate whether it is a sci-fi novel, a romance novel, or a non-fiction self-help book.

A good cover is a huge factor in attracting new readers. A cover that stands out and catches the eye of someone skimming a webpage can easily translate into a sale. It’s the same effect that sign holders have on traffic. A store that is needs more business may hire someone to carry a sign and hold it up towards oncoming traffic. Some of the drivers (who originally had absolutely no intention of stopping in the store) will stop and shop in the store as a result of the sign. An effective eBook cover will have the same effect on people surfing the web.

The same rules that apply to eBook covers also apply to digital albums. Today’s independent recording artists often don’t need record labels. They can make a living by touring and releasing digital albums online. An attractive digital cd cover can help bring in new fans and eventually more money.

It is not hard to get very good eBook cover or digital album cover design for an incredibly low price. You can simply visit any micro jobs site and search for providers who make eBook covers. Trouble is, the designs will most likely look straight out of a late night infomercial, with no elegance, no style, no attention to the details. If you are looking for illustrated artwork that works, investing in the skills of independent artists, is a much better idea.

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